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A velocity stack is a trumpet-shaped funnel fitted to the air entry of an engine's intake system, carburettor or fuel injection. It will aid smooth and even entry of air at high velocities into the intake tract. Often, added noise is sacrificed for gains of 2-4% when stack lengths are optimised for the engine. Modified engines often have the original air box and associated ducting removed and velocity stacks are installed as accessories.

In amateur and professional racing, check the rules on aftermarket velocity stacks.

Gain +3bhp on your Aprilia RSV4 at 9000rpm.
Improves torque.
Dedicated map included in the price, available to be downloaded for free from UpMaps website (coupon to be sent separately, via email after ordered). UpMaps are needed to download the map on the ECU.
For RSV4 1000 and 1100, from 2017 onwards.