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The UpMap to reflash the ECU of your Aprilia RS660 Tuono 660 is now ready, and it comes with the renewed T800+ hardware. This is a Bluetooth Android or iOS smartphone app based on a Plug-and-Play hardware able to flash your bike’s stock ECU.

It presents an error readout/erase page in the App as well as a live-data function, which will allow you to perform some in house diagnostic and check dash error lights.

By the end of the flash, it automatically performs throttle learning and errors reset. No other actions are required.

It is advised to use a battery charger/tender during the flash of the ecu. Enquiry here

 What’s included in the Aprilia UpMap

Stock map for bike restore to OEM status plus one Gabro Racing Team map and respective cable. Use the coupon code GRTMAP to download your free Gabro Racing Team map.

IMPORTANT: Download the UpMap Manual using this link.

Aprilia UpMap will give access to the huge database of tuned maps made by the Aprilia ECU’s master tuner Gabro.

All available maps in the App have been accurately prepped on the dyno and fine-tuned on track/street using complete data logging systems, and extensively tested prior to being released.

Special maps named “TRACK”, made for exclusive track and race use, are also available for some models and applications. They offer different traction control settings and calibration, tuned for experienced riders using grippy tyres in a controlled environment.

ATTENTION: it’s a race product to be used in closed circuits, supplied maps are not intended for street use.