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Sprint Filter with P08 has turned the concept of special air filter upside down. No longer materials with a tendency to fray (cotton) or high pressure drops (sponge), but an innovative material that allows constant and calibrated air passage.
Sprint Filter P08 is the air filter that provides the best performance on any motorcycle. Numerous results on the test bench show that P08 is the best solution for getting the right amount of air consistently. This is achieved by optimizing the surfaces of any air filter. Sprint Filter works on each individual air filter by optimizing its performance on each original filter box by means of fluxing bench. The result is the maximum attainable surface area: more air, more power, more filtration.
Sprint Filter P08 is also a particularly practical air filter with a maintenance time of only a few moments. Simply remove the air filter from the filter box, clean it with compressed air, and reinsert it without waiting for downtime. No washing treatment or oil supply is needed to retain the dust! Our air filter works “dry.” If it is particularly dirty you can use any detergent on hand, wash and dry it with compressed air, without heat sources.
Sprint Filter P08, if maintained properly, will last for the life of the motorcycle and it will no longer be necessary to replace the original air filter.