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Racing air filter for all RSV4 2015-2021 motorbikes.

Sprint Filter P08 is our standard performance air filter, ideal for street legal use or for a fun track day with a tuned motorcycle.

Independent testing was carried out by University of Wales Trinity St David on Sprint Filter's P08 polyester tissue, the "standard" tissue found in Sprint Filter replacement air filters. It found that it provided the best airflow of any leading brand air filter, including leading brand "race" filters! Sprint Filter P08 uses a special polyester filtering media with a wire diameter of only 70 microns. Its unique weave pattern can filter debris as small as 80 microns while having the highest permeability for any other air filter brand on the market (the P08F1-85 excluded). The increased airflow of the P08 air filter will help maximise your Aprilia motorcycle power potential while offering excellent filtration protection.

To clean your Sprint Filter P08, simply remove the filter from the airbox, blow it clean with compressed air, and reinsert it. No messy washing, aftermarket cleaners or oil treatments required, saving you valuable time and money!

Being manmade, the P08's polyester material will, if properly looked after, display no discernible deterioration or loss of structure or performance over the lifetime of your Aprilia motorcycle.

With over than 65 years of experience in producing air filters, and success at the highest levels of competition (including MotoGP, Moto3 and World SBK), you can be confident in the quality of materials and manufacture of your Sprint Filter P08 air filter. So Sprint Filter P08 air filter is suitable for the widest variety of conditions and is the ideal choice for anyone requiring maximum intake protection combined with superior airflow, longevity and ease of maintenance.